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The Vast Majority Of My Money Comes From Passive Income

) since we like the same kind of shows. I developed a reading plan for my son to help him discover what career he wants. He's also my Tuesday movie buddy (half-priced tickets! We discuss each book and his notes on it.

But due to the predictable nature of political campaign positions - win or lose, campaigns end after the election - every job came with with an expiration date, he explained to Farnoosh Torabi
on an episode of her "So Money" podcast
. Back in college, Taylor started working full-time on a series of political campaigns. Not to mention, it wasn't great pay to start.

" "It gave me the idea. It would be fun to write about it as a way to hold myself accountable and as a way to sort of track my debt payoff. "[Movie preview auditor] was one of those jobs that some people always ask and like, 'How the heck do you find these? '" Taylor told "So Money. It was not a business, it was a hobby.

Business Income - 18% (part active, part passive)
The vast majority of our income is passive and those funds continue to accumulate (with occasional unrealized