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Free MLM Leads From Internet Classified Advertising

We all want free internet leads, right? And plenty of them. But there is a cost to PPC, not to mention the copywriting skills we would have to learn. One way to get free leads that does not require the cost of PPC or the time required for article writing and marketing is free internet classified advertising.

Obviously the copywriting skills issue is still an issue, but you can copy ads that you would respond to and see what results you get.

Free Internet Advertising: Your ad will require a few components to be effective. This includes a place or places to advertise, a catchy title, and a call to action.

Catchy Title - all good ads will have to have a catchy title. Here are a few that have worked over the years, but try some of your own. You just might come up with a homerun ad title.

Do you want to make more money?

Fire Your Boss

How to Make up to $5000/mo. without leaving your job

There are plenty of places to place a classified ad on the Internet. You can search Google for free internet ads or free website ads to find them, but I have included several below. You can use News and Information websites like Topix where you can also post local classified ads.

If this is a serious strategy for you, then I recommend you run 40-45 ads at any given time. This gives you the best free porn sites opportunity to get the results you desire.

Tracking your ads and the success of each ad is important so you will know which ads perform for you and which one do not perform. Then you can continue the performing ads and discontinue the non-performing ads. I would try different headlines, etc. before discontinuing the non-performing ads. Testing is the only real way to know what works. You should make a chart to track your ads and their results.

You probably want a 800 number sizzle call for your prospects to call and hear your message. They can then leave a message for you to call them back if the interest is there. One option to get an inexpensive 800 number is CallFire. They have no sign up fee and the cost is only $0.05 per minute for incoming calls and $2 per month for the 800 number with a three-month minimum.

The following is a sample ad for your review.


Take Control. Change Your Life
Don't Limit Your Income
Work from Home and Avoid the Rat Race
To Qualify, Call xxx-xxx-xxxx

ARTICLE Marketing: Article marketing is a great way to generate free leads and a lot of them. It does take time to write the articles and post them into your blog and on several article hosting sites like EzineArticles.com. So do not plan on very many leads for three months or more.

If you have any kind of concerns concerning where and how you can utilize xxx free videos, you can contact us at our internet site. You must be consistent in writing the articles every day and posting every day. There are tools to help you in doing the posting. I have not used any of these yet myself, but I hear Article Submitter Helper works and it is free.

Forum Marketing: Forum marketing also takes time to establish the relationships with other people and then turn them into prospects for your business. You will get involved in the forums you choose. Be helpful first and foremost. Do not deliver your sales message until later, after you have established a relationship with the prospect.

Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is the same as forum marketing except you must initiate the conversation by asking open-ended questions of people and get them into a conversation. You can then control that conversation and after helping them, you may invite them to hear about your business. But never start with a sales pitch. That is the biggest turn off in social media.

Video Marketing: Video Marketing is extremely powerful form of marketing. I recommend this form to everyone. Get a camera, start shooting video, and post it everywhere. Of course, it is a good idea to learn more about it first, but don't let ignorance slow you down.

One word of advice with video marketing is to manually post your videos to YouTube. Do not use a tool for YouTube. Traffic Geyser is a great tool for many sites but I would manually post to YouTube. Remember Google owns YouTube and they watch home based business people like a hawk.

I believe TubeMogul is still free for up to 100 videos per month. This tool provides a single point for uploading your videos to reach top video sharing sites. Their free service level allows for unlimited storage, deployment of up to 100 videos per month, and free analytics on who, what, and how videos are being viewed.

Traffic Geyser auto-submits your videos everywhere and it is $97/mo.

Here are the free classified ad sites I mentioned:

inetgiant.com ($3 for Nationwide Ads)


usfreeads.com ($10/yr. for Gold Membership)










To Your Success

Larry Steele